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Cookie policy 

This website uses cookies. 


What is a cookie? 


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers sent to your computer when you consult a website. The cookie contains a unique code that allows a website to recognise a user based on the device being used. When you return to the website, it will remember information about your preferences (e.g. choice of language, favourite companies, recent searches, etc.) based on the cookies. Cookies generally make the interaction between the visitor and the website easier and faster. By using cookies, the content or advertising on a website can also be made more relevant to the visitor, since it can be adapted to his/her personal preferences. 



What cookies are used and what are their purposes? 


"Essential Cookies” 

Essential cookies are required to allow visitors to use all the functions of the website correctly. Without essential cookies, the website will not work properly. 


"Marketing cookies" 

Marketing cookies are third-party cookies used to track visitors when they visit different websites. Their purpose is to display advertisements that are tailored to and relevant for the individual user. These ads thus become more valuable to publishers and third-party advertisers.  


"Functional cookies" 

Functional cookies are used to remember visitor information on the website such as the language. 


"Analytical cookies" 

Analytical cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website, detect errors and perform better overall analysis. 



List of cookies 


Essential cookies 



Purpose: Used for security reasons 

Duration: Session 



Purpose: Used for security reasons 

Duration: Session 



Purpose: Used in connection with user login 

Duration: 2 years 



Purpose: Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered 

Duration: 1 minute 



Purpose: Used for system monitoring/debugging 

Duration: 3 months 



Purpose: Used for system monitoring/debugging 

Duration: Session 



Purpose: Used for cookie banner parameters 

Duration: 12 months 



Purpose: Used to identify logged in site members 

Duration: Session 



Purpose: Used for security and anti-fraud reasons 

Duration: Session 



Purpose: Used for system effectiveness measurement 

Duration: 30 minutes 


Purpose: Used for stability/effectiveness measurement 

Duration: 12 months 


Marketing cookies 



Purpose: Used to measure advertising effectiveness and to provide insight into how the visitor uses the website 

Duration: 180 days 



Functional Cookies 



Purpose: Used on multilingual websites to store the user's preferred language 

Duration: 12 months 


Analytic cookies 



Purpose: Records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website 

Duration: 2 years 



Purpose: Records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website 

Duration: 24 hours 



Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to see how quickly requests are completed 

Duration: 10 minutes 



Purpose: Used to generate statistical data via a specific ID regarding how the visitor uses the website 

Duration: 1 year 



Purpose: Used to generate statistical data when a visitor visited for the first or last time 

Duration: 2 years 



Purpose: Used to store the source or campaign that explains how the user reached the site 

Duration: 6 months 



Cookie Management 

Managing cookies through your browser: 

If you want to avoid certain cookies being installed on your computer, you can indicate this through your browser's privacy settings. You can also delete cookies through your browser's privacy settings. 


Managing cookies via the website and the cookie information banner: 

As a user, you can indicate whether you only want to accept essential cookies or also other cookies (such as marketing cookies, etc.). You do this by clicking on 1 of the 2 buttons at the bottom of the website in the cookie banner: 

"Accept all": if you as a user click this button, you give permission to activate both the essential cookies and all other types of cookies during your visit(s) to the website. 

"Details": If you click this button as a user, you will see an overview of all the types of cookies we place. You can then select or deselect the cookies you wish to accept or not per category. The essential cookies, which are necessary for using the website during your visit(s), will be accepted automatically. Finally, you can confirm your choice by clicking on the "Save" button. 


Modifying consent 

As a user, you can amend your (previously given) consent to the use of cookies at any time. This is made possible by pressing the "Cookie settings" button which you will find at the bottom of the website. 

Next, the advanced cookie settings are displayed again and you can select & save your cookie preferences. 

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