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Discover different options for classes custom-made for everyone’s need

LC Language Centre is your dedicated space for language learning for individuals and businesses in and around Brussels. Enjoy private and semi-private custom-made classes to learn or improve your knowledge of English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc.


For businesses, the team offers a unique method based first and foremost on the analysis of the appropriate themes with the candidates. During the course, a monthly overview of attendance and class evaluation by the students allow teachers to make the necessary adjustments for a better learning experience.

A final personal evaluation of the progression of each candidate is also given by the tutor. To assist everyone in the best way, LC Language Centre’s team is composed exclusively of native speakers, taught in the various techniques to teach language in businesses.


With a focus on a practical knowledge of languages, the tutors actively work to answer the employer’s and employees’ expectations for Chinese, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Individual programs as well as small groups can be implemented. Conversation workshops are also available for the students. It’s a great opportunity to practice the language in a friendly environment.

For any other information on the classes or anything else; contact LC Language Centre by phone.

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